Athletic Classes Winter 2024

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This clinic provides participants the opportunity to learn and play floor hockey in a safe and fun environment. Players learn positions, stick handling and ball control in this fun, fast-paced class. In addition, players develop teamwork and sportsmanship while having fun competitive gameplay each week. Safety and having fun is a MUST when you step on the floor. Come ready to play!

Day: Monday | Dates: 1/22-3/18* | Time: 3:15-4:15pm | Age: K-3rd Grade
Weeks: 8 | Price: $152 | Min/Max: 8/22 | Program #: 2525-1
*No Class 2/19


Pee Wee Floor Hockey

Have your child’s first hockey experience be a blast! To ensure a safe environment, Pee Wee Floor Hockey players play with pillow polo sticks, which have a soft-cushion end. Participants learn the basics of the game and experience the thrills of being a hockey player!

Day: Monday | Dates: 1/22-3/18* | Time: 4:15-5pm | Age: 3-5 years old
Weeks: 8 | Price: $144 | Min/Max: 6/16 | Program #: 2506-1
*No Class 2/19



This introductory course teaches kids the love of golf. Players learn basic golf techniques including proper grip, stance and swing mechanics. Using safe equipment tailored to fit the age group, players learn proper swing and stance mechanics in a fun and entertaining environment. 

Day: Tuesday | Dates: 1/16-3/19 | Time: 3:15-4:15pm | Age: K-3rd Grade
Weeks: 10 | Price: $190 | Min/Max: 6/16 | Program #: 2525-2


Pee Wee Mini Ninjas 

Leap, hop, skip, run your way through obstacles and put your child’s Ninja skills to the test. This fun movement-based class challenges your Ninja to maneuver over and under objects. In addition, group games to further challenge their Ninja skills will be played.

Day: Tuesday | Dates: 1/16-3/19 | Time: 4:15-5pm | Age: 3-5 years old
Weeks: 10 | Price: $180 | Min/Max: 6/16 | Program #: 2506-2


Total Sports

This class features a new sport each week.  Some of the sports taught and played include basketball, floor hockey, football, kickball, soccer, and baseball. In addition, participants play many popular running and group games. Children have the opportunity to acquire new skills and develop confidence in games they have played in previous classes.  

Day: Wednesday | Dates: 1/17-3/20 | Time: 3:15-4:15pm | Age: K-3rd Grade
Weeks: 10 | Price: $190 | Min/Max: 6/16 | Program #: 2525-3


Pee Wee Sports and More

Children are introduced to the fundamentals of sports including basketball, floor hockey, football, kickball, soccer, t-ball and other sports and group games. The program provides an opportunity for each child to develop motor skills and nurture his/her growth socially and emotionally through teamwork and good sportsmanship. 

Day: Wednesday | Dates: 1/17-3/20 | Time: 4:15-5pm | Age: 3-5 years old
Weeks: 10 | Price: $180 | Min/Max: 6/16 | Program #: 2506-3



Participants engage in an up-tempo game-like atmosphere where they develop team play and skill work. Games will be held at the end of every class, and popular shooting and dribbling games will be played each week to optimize player participation and fun. Drills and games are engineered to accommodate players of all skill levels, so join today and get ready to have fun!

Day: Thursday | Dates: 1/18-3/21* | Time: 3:15-4:15pm | Age: K-3rd Grade
Weeks: 9 | Price: $171 | Min/Max: 6/16 | Program #: 2525-4
*No Class 2/15


Game On! Sports 4 Girls

Ready, Set, Game On! for a sports-filled, confidence-building, and growing experience like no other. Explore and learn a different sport every 1-2 weeks. We may cover basketball, soccer, football, softball, lacrosse, volleyball, spikeball, team handball and more in a FUN, energy-filled environment! From our years dedicated to working with girls, we have the unique games and expertise to help every girl, ALL SKILL levels included, to grow as an athlete and a person. Attention to teamwork, sportsmanship, self-esteem, respect, goal setting and a whole lot of GirlStrong are also an integral part of this unique program. Note that each season offers new activities and challenges. 

Day: Thursday | Dates: 1/18-3/21* | Age: K-2nd Grade
Weeks: 9 | Min/Max: 8/12 
*No Class 2/15

Program #: 2519-1* | Time: 4:00-5:00pm | Price: $171
*Registering for this section of Game On! (2519-1) enrolls you in the CLASS ONLY, which begins at 4:00pm. Children enrolled in section 2519-1 will NOT be picked up by Park District staff from Middlefork School at 3pm. 


Program #: 2519-2* | Time: 3:15-5:00pm | Price: $283.50
*Registering for this section of Game On! (2519-2) enrolls you in the Game On! and Club Dolphin aftercare on Thursdays only. Children enrolled in section 2519-2 WILL be picked up by Park District staff from Middlefork School at 3pm and then brought to class at 4:00pm.