Athletic Classes Spring 2024

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Come join in on the fun and start playing the nation's most loved game! Players are introduced to stance, receiving, rushing, blocking and defense. Each week ends with a scrimmage encouraging teamwork and sportsmanship. Players always get to play either receiver or running back each week. Games focus on fundamentals and field concepts, as well as positions and mechanics. No equipment necessary!

Day: Monday | Dates: 4/8-5/20* | Time: 3:15-4:15pm | Age: K-3rd Grade
Weeks: 7 | Price: $133 | Min/Max: 8/18 | Program #: 3525-1
*No Class 5/27


Pee Wee Soccer with Hot Shot Sports - Mondays

Let your child's early soccer experience be a great one. The younger player develops their soccer skills and also gains confidence, coordination, motor skills and communication. The program uses age-appropriate drills and exercises to teach players kicking, ball control, dribbling, shooting and more.

Day: Monday | Dates: 4/8-5/20* | Time: 4:15-5pm | Age: 3-5 years old
Weeks: 7 | Price: $126 | Min/Max: 6/15 | Program #: 3506-1
*No Class 5/27


Golf with Hot Shot Sports - Tuesdays

This introductory course teaches kids the love of golf. Players learn basic golf techniques including proper grip, stance and swing mechanics. Using safe equipment tailored to fit the age group, players learn proper swing and stance mechanics in a fun and entertaining environment. 

Day: Tuesday | Dates: 4/9-5/21* | Time: 3:15-4:15pm | Age: K-3rd Grade
Weeks: 7 | Price: $133 | Min/Max: 6/18 | Program #: 3525-2
*No Class 5/28


Pee Wee Flag Football with Hot Shot Sports - Tuesdays

Develop early football skills such as rushing, receiving and passing, along with the basic rules of the game. All instruction is game/drill oriented with mini games and scrimmages played every week. This class is for the football beginner looking to understand the game, learn new skills, and have fun!

Day: Tuesday | Dates: 4/9-5/21* | Time: 4:15-5pm | Age: 3-5 years old
Weeks: 7 | Price: $126 | Min/Max: 6/15 | Program #: 3506-2
*No Class 5/28


Basketball with Hot Shot Sports - Wednesdays

Participants engage in an up-temp game-like atmosphere where they develop team play and skill work. Games will be held at the end of every class, and popular shooting and dribbling games will be played each week to optimize player participation and fun. Drills and games are engineered to accommodate players of all skill levels, so join today and get ready to have fun!

Day: Wednesday | Dates: 4/10-5/29 | Time: 3:15-4:15pm | Age: K-3rd Grade
Weeks: 8 | Price: $152 | Min/Max: 6/18 | Program #: 3525-3


Pee Wee Sports and More with Hot Shot Sports

Children are introduced to the fundamentals of sports including basketball, floor hockey, football, kickball, soccer, t-ball and other sports and group games. The program provides an opportunity for each child to develop motor skills and nurture his/her growth socially and emotionally through teamwork and good sportsmanship. 

Day: Wednesday | Dates: 4/10-5/29 | Time: 4:15-5pm | Age: 3-5 years old
Weeks: 8 | Price: $144 | Min/Max: 6/15 | Program #: 3506-3


Dodgeball with Hot Shot Sports - Thursdays

This youth dodgeball class gives participants an opportunity to play the popular game in a safe and supervised environment. The program uses super soft balls with the safety of game play being an important factor. Each week, different teams are formed, and a different style of dodgeball is played.

Day: Thursday | Dates: 4/11-5/30* | Time: 3:15-4:15pm | Age: K-3rd Grade
Weeks: 7 | Price: $133 | Min/Max: 6/16 | Program #: 3525-4
*No Class 5/23


IBA Spring League - Sundays

This is a combined program with Winnetka Park District and is held at Field 5 at the Skokie Playfields, 540 Hibbard Road in Winnetka.

Players learn and practice a key baseball fundamental each week and participate in games to demonstrate what they have learned. IBA staff will run practices and games. Parent coaches have the opportunity to assist. Sign up individually, as a small group, or a complete ten-member team. For questions and requests, email [email protected].

Minors (T-ball)

For ages 3-4, Spring League players gain confidence, improve coordination, and appreciate the joys of teamwork and sportsmanship through a combination of games and age-appropriate drills. Children will learn new skills then practice them with the help of IBA coaches. 

Day: Sunday | Dates: 4/14-6/9* | Time: 12:00-1:00pm | Age: 3-4 Years Old
Weeks: 8 | Price: $210 | Program #: 3504-1
*No Class 5/26

Please note the location, this will be a combined program with Winnetka. Park District.


Majors (Coach Pitch)

For Kindergarteners or players with one year of t-ball experience, this league represents the next step in the progression of IBA programs. In addition to skill development each week, players will participate in coach pitch games where they will learn positions, play with outs, and experience baseball at a more challenging level.

Day: Sunday | Dates: 4/14-6/9* | Time: 1:00-2:00pm | Age: 5-6 Years Old
Weeks: 8 | Price: $210 | Program #: 3504-2
*No Class 5/26

Please note the location, this will be a combined program with Winnetka. Park District.


New Trier Aquatics Pre-Competitive Swim Classes - Sundays

This program is held at the indoor pool at New Trier. High School, 7 Happ Road in Northfield.

New Trier Aquatics (NTA) is excited to offer Pre-Competitive Swim Classes to the newest swimmers in our community. Our swimmers learn to swim in a step-by-step program of specific skills that teach our students to master all the skills to be safe in the water and proficient as a competitor.

Our groups have a maximum of 4 swimmers per instructor. There is a program supervisor on deck for every lesson that assists instructors, evaluates swimmers' progress, and answers parents' questions.

There are 10 levels in our program, and swimmers can advance to each level immediately as required skills are mastered. Swimmers reaching levels 7 and beyond will have the opportunity to be placed on our competitive swim team! For questions and requests, email [email protected].

Day: Sunday | Dates: 4/7-5/19 | Time: 1:15-1:45pm | Age: 4 years old - high school
Weeks: 7 | Price: $154 | Program #: 3527-1