Northfield Park District Residency

Who is a Northfield Park District Resident?


A resident is anyone living or working within the geographic boundaries of the Northfield Park District. Those boundaries are the same as those for School District 29. Please refer to the map below. Some Northbrook addresses belong to the Northfield Park District while some Northfield addresses are part of the Winnetka or Glenview Park Districts. Your real estate tax bill provides verification of your park district. A resident who lives in the Village of Northfield or within the Northfield Park District boundaries will receive resident rates for programs held inside the Northfield Community Center. Any student in nursery school through grade 8 enrolled in and attending a school within Northfield Park District boundaries, i.e. the Northfield Community Nursery School, Christian Heritage Academy or Hyde Park Day School, receives resident rates. For activities that take place outside the Northfield Community Center, the residency definition applies.

When registering for a park district program, you may be asked to submit proof of residency such as a valid driver’s license, a current utility or real estate tax bill, homeowners or rental insurance policy or an apartment/house rental lease.

Northfield Park District Boundaries

Northfield Park District Boundary Map